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However you found your way to Mishku, I’m so glad you’re here. I’m Michelle Kunitoshi Browne, the Melbourne-based lead designer behind Mishku Studio.

Inspired by my travels through Japan and Ireland, and drawing from a decade in fashion and textile design, I create brands that speak. Through a balance of informed strategy and compelling aesthetics we can take your business to the next level, carefully combining your story and business goals into an authentic, expressive visual identity.

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craft an irresistible, authentic brand that attracts your dream clients.

Drawing from 3 of the most inspiring design philosophies in the world, I’ll show you exactly how to implement these ideas into your own work so you can achieve a natural, minimal, meaningful aesthetic. 

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It is our mission is to inspire confidence in you though our work together - creating a brand that truely backs up the amazing things you do and gives you a platform to be seen

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“ You're working with a visionary designer when working with Michelle. The first time we worked together, I felt 100% confident that she would be able to capture my vision beautifully.. And she did. I trust not just the design skills she's developed over years, but her intuition, which is invaluable and always reaching new depths of meaning and creativity. ”

Emma Natter

“ Oh Michelle, the talented and soulful mind behind Mishku Studio - she has this uncanny ability to read my mind and translate my vision into something not only visually stunning, but completely on brand.  
As a stylist and creative director, I am so particular about how my work is presented and maintaining a distinctive aesthetic, and Michelle just nails is each time I work with her. If you are in need of someone amazing to elevate your brand identity, she is your person, end of story."

Sandra Chau

"From her sweet disposition to her gentle words of encouragement, Michelle is an absolute joy to work with. Never once did it feel like a one-sided process or that I shared information and she just came back with the product. 
It always felt like we were a team and we were in it together. It also always felt like her heart was in it- I always knew that she cared and was designing intentionally for me and the story I wanted to share. She created such beautiful work that completely matches what I was communicating. She is so very thoughtful and pays attention to the details. She truly went above and beyond what I expected and I loved the way everything turned out. Thank you, Michelle, for everything!"

Stephanie abbitt


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How to set limits in your business to stop the burnout

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If your brand could propel your business to a new stage of growth?

If you could develop a signature aesthetic both you and your dream customers adore?

If you could implement an elevated visual identity and web presence that truly reflects the quality of your work and establishes you as an authority in your field?

That is precisely what we do at Mishku Studio. Let us help you achieve this for your business too

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