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Before you write a single word, the language of aesthetics is speaking to your customers. We know how tricky it can be to develop that voice. One that’s polished, and still authentic. Strategic, and still human.

Design is our language. With every project, our goal is to craft a brand you can stand behind — an aesthetic that speaks to you just as much as it speaks to the world, aligning you for your next confident step forward.


Let me introduce myself!

I’m Michelle Kunitoshi Browne the lead designer and owner of Mishku studio. I live in the beautiful city of Melbourne in a century old house with my husband and our sweet adopted cat, Sushi.

With family roots all over the world, I have been an avid traveller since I was very young. I am particularly inspired by the juxtaposition of wild natural elements from my father’s home on the West coast of Ireland, and the restrained subtlety of the Japanese aesthetic. This dance between raw energy and refined elegance is at the heart of each design I create for my clients. 

Before founding Mishku Studio, I completed business studies and went on to cut my teeth as a designer in fashion and textile design for 10 years, working for high end-fashion labels. During that time, I was honoured to receive the Maxwell Williams ‘Design Studio Choice Award’ and fulfilled my dream of having my work exhibited internationally.

But something was missing. I yearned to value that would endure beyond next ‘season’, and to collaborate directly with people, putting both my design and business brain into practice. As soon as I designed my first brand, I knew that this was the place where I could make a powerful impact, supporting the dreams of passionate and talented creatives through thoughtful, strategic design.

I have a strong understanding of how distinct elements of design can work together to create something greater. I will help you take your passions, your goals and your mission and meld them into something that is elevated, powerful, and at its heart — genuinely you.

craft an irresistible, authentic brand that attracts your dream clients.

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Drawing from 3 of the most inspiring design philosophies in the world, I’ll show you exactly how to implement these ideas into your own work so you can achieve a natural, minimal, meaningful aesthetic. 

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