Hello there lovely reader!

Welcome to the Mishku Studio blog!

Can I begin by telling a little story?

Growing up my parents owned several different businesses and operated them out of the basement office of our house. My siblings and I were always involved in the day to day running and decisions of the businesses as much as our little growing minds could understand. I would get the fun (I really did think they were fun) tasks such as adding postage stamps to envelopes or stapling stacks of papers all the while taking in everything around me.

I’m lucky in that my parents always fostered and encouraged my creative side too. I remember hours drawing at my Mum or Dad’s desk. I particularly remember the day I graduated from stick figures and drew what I thought was incredibly anatomically correct picture of Princess Jasmine. In fact, I thought it was so incredible, that I photocopied it several times and put it on the bulletin board and a copy in everyone’s pigeon holes. You’re welcome, guys.

The years went by and all that I had learnt about running a successful business stuck with me. I went on to study business and then Fashion and Textiles, pursuing my creative dreams too. I spent a decade in fashion and textiles, but something was missing, I just wasn’t connecting to a life that industry. I wanted to be able to delve deeper into design, incorporating my business brain to create designs with true enduring value and purpose.

In 2017, I kind of fell into brand design on the urging of a mentor…and honestly the rest is history.

Sometimes things in life happen and suddenly you can see all the puzzle pieces coming together of what brought to that point and it can be breathtaking. I don’t say this flippantly, I love designing for brands. It’s a chance for me to use my business and analytical brain and marry it up with my artistic sensibilities in the most satisfying way.

Beyond that, I truly LOVE that I get to make a real and valuable impact in people’s businesses and as an extension, their lives.

Through this blog I want to give you an insight into the running of Mishku, design tips, a snapshot of my travels and advice on running your own business successfully and sustainably – all with a side of my slightly dry Aussie humour.

I honestly can’t wait to connect with you through this platform.