Curated Brand Typography Guide

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Do you ever spend hours second-guessing which fonts to use, only to still wonder if it looks professional? 

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by not only choosing a font, but choosing multiple fonts and feeling confident that they actually look good together?
This Curated Brand Typography Guide is the fail-proof way to confidently communicate your value and look super professional. 

Pairing the right sexy, beautiful fonts is one of the quickest ways to uplevel your design. But choosing the right ones together at the right time, not to mention all of the questions about spacing, when to use italics, which ones to use for headlines vs. body copy. It’s taken me years to figure out.

That’s why I’ve taken the guesswork out of it for you...

No matter what kind of brand you have, you’re about to have everything you need to have the most beautiful, harmonious fonts:

• Lessons on the Mishku approach to how fonts work
• 26 sets of font pairings curated by mood for the most powerful affect
• Curated fonts for the perfect, simple logo
• Curated fonts for attention-grabbing headings
• Curated fonts for sub-headings 
• Curated fonts for easy-to-read body fonts 
• Most of the suggested fonts are FREE
• All of the paid fonts suggested in the guide are available with an Adobe Typekit subscription (read: they’re very accessible to use across platforms!)
• A folder with all the Google fonts used in the guide


Typography Basics: All about the four main font groupings and their connotations and tips to work with typography

Selecting Fonts & Pairing: Creating a Hierarchy to use throughout your project or brand, tips for selecting a font for your logo and how to pair fonts

Typography in use: how to apply and use fonts for websites, social media, posters (because I’ve learned that just because you have beautiful fonts, doesn’t mean you know how to put which font where...I’ve taken the guesswork out of it for you!)


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