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Pre-made Brand

Are you wanting a beautiful, powerful, professionally designed brand but don’t quite have the budget for fully custom? 

If your forays to DIY your brand have been less than stellar, and you’re ready to stop cringing when your friends and family want to see your stuff (or even worse, when it’s time for clients and customers to see it)...

Mishku Pre-Made Brands are for you.

They provide the perfect makeover experience for businesses who are ready to have a professionally-designed brand without the huge price tag.

Brand keywords:


• Main logo 
• Alternate Logo 
• Sublogo
• Logo Mark
• Fonts
• Mood Board
• Style Guide to show you exactly how to implement your brand
• Up to 2 rounds of revisions 
• Color Palette plus CMYK, RGB, HEX codes (these are just the fancy names for codes you need to input your color into design software)
• Free fonts or a link to a one-time purchase for paid fonts
• Mood Board of gorgeous and royalty-free images
• Each design in EPS, AI, PNG and JPG


We are pleased to announce that the turnaround time is just 2-3 weeks for the pre-made brands as opposed to the often months-long process for a custom brand (all of those tiny tweaks to truly make it a truly professional brand still takes some time on our end to perfect!)


• Because this is a digital product there are NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES and all sales are final. By purchasing the product you agree to our TERMS HERE.

• These designs are copyright Mishku Studio and are not to be copied, resold, or used for profit.

add on:

• Business card
• Postcard   
• print-ready files


Click here for FAQs

How is a Mishku Pre-Made brand different from a custom brand?

At Mishku studio, we’ve already done the groundwork for pre-made brands (to be honest, this is the longest part of the process). Always aware of trends in design and branding, these pre-made brands have been created to feel fresh and ahead of the curve, while staying rooted in classic looks. By laying the groundwork, we mean that we’ve already nailed the mood, the typography, the color choices, the layout, and even the logo. All we need is your business name and a few more things to plug in.

How does the process work?

It’s a simple 3-step process:
You choose the perfect pre-made brand from our beautiful selection 
We’ll ask you for all of the nitty gritty details we need in a questionnaire to customize the pre-made brand
You receive all of the brand goodness you need to make an incredible, lasting impression with every piece of your business

What if I can’t swing the cost right now? Could I get that brand later?

Unfortunately, once these brands have been sold 3 times, that’s it! As a brand designer, I want to make sure that I can give you every advantage I can to make sure YOUR brand is beautiful and unique. If I sell it dozens of times? All of the sudden you’re not standing out anymore. So if there’s one pre-made brand you’re sure about, make sure you purchase as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.

Are you going to sell the brand I want to one of my competitors?

As a brand designer, it is SO important to me to help you keep the integrity of your brand identity unique so you don’t get lost in the sea of competition. We make every effort to ensure the same brand is not sold to a direct competitor (and we’ll make our choices on a first-come first-serve basis). If you’re truly worried about having a similar brand to another business, you might consider working with Mishku to create a custom brand.

How quickly will I receive my new brand?

One of my favorite parts about this process is that instead of taking months, pre-made brands take just 2-3 weeks. For us to get that professional, perfected design that you need to look professional, it does take quite a bit of work on our end to get it just right. 

You’ll get 2 rounds of revision included, and any additional rounds of revisions cost $70 each.

What will be customized:
Business name
Tagline/date/profession (eg photography) if applicable 
Business card and Postcard information (if purchased)
Colors *
*will either remain as is or can be swapped out with a different brand’s colors or a palette from the Creative Color E-book if purchased
What won’t be changed:
Business Card/Post Card Design* (if purchases)
*Can be adjusted slightly (within means) to suit business

Important notes:
· If the brand includes a paid font as part of the suggested fonts – you will receive a link to buy this font so that you own the licence (approx $25 - $40). Otherwise, free fonts will be sent to you along with your files.
· Additional rounds of revisions or work requested beyond the scope of the pre-made brand will be charged at $100 per hour