Creative Color Guide

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When you sit down to create something beautiful, do you get stuck choosing color? 

Do you feel like your colors just look kinda...basic? Or worse...that they look basically like your idol’s/peer’s latest color choices (no judgment)?

And when you google color palettes...nothing has that refined feel that you want to showcase (plus it’s almost impossible to find the EXACT color codes to plug into your design software).
The Creative Color Guide will help you finally understand color theory and how to actually APPLY it so you can have original aesthetics to back up your original ideas.

When you purchase the Creative Color Guide, you’ll get:

• Color theory broken down into easy-to-apply pieces
• 42 pre-made color palettes (and accompanying HEX codes so you get the EXACT hue on your design software) 

• Palettes separated into themes so you can easily choose one to match your work perfectly

• An adjective guide to help you easily match up your project with a palette


Color Theory Basics include: Color wheel basics, color meanings and understanding warm vs cool colors (trust me, this is different from what you learned in elementary school)
The Anatomy of a color Palette: what color weight, creating a color palette, extending your palette means and how to apply it to your brand
Color in use: how to apply and use your palette for websites, social media, photography (because I’ve learned that just because you have a beautiful palette, doesn’t mean you know how to put which color where...I’ve taken the guesswork out of it for you!)


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