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Empowering businesses through strategy-driven
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 Brand design is so much more than a logo. Your brand is a promise. A cohesive and compelling voice for your business that -
draws customers deeper into

like a magnet -

your world.

What drives us:

Brands that speak

We believe successful designs are always rooted in authenticity.

Branding sets the stage to showcase not just your products and services, but also who you are. Mishku brands are beautifully and thoughtfully designed to be powerful drivers for trust and profitability in your business. Together we’ll dive deep into your story to craft a brand that speaks, reflecting the true value of the business you’ve worked so hard to create.

Our Process


We’ll begin by exploring your why — pinpointing your business’s unique qualities and getting clear on your vision for the future. We will conduct in-depth research into your market, competitors and potential positioning and design directions. Finally, you’ll receive a custom brand strategy document summarizing our research, which will serve as the foundation for our custom design work.  


Step 2


This is where the true magic happens. You’ll see your brand take shape through our collaborative design process. During a series of design rounds + revisions (3 design rounds are included at the logo design stage, and 2 for all others), we’ll thoughtfully craft the design elements of your new visual identity.


Step 3


If collateral and/or a website are part of your package, we will move on to cohesively implementing your new brand into these. I will take your raw ideas (copy and images) and design them into effective points of contact for your business that drive profitability, connection and trust your ideal clients.


Step 4


The transformation is complete! We did it! We will deliver your brand with all the file types you’ll need, ready for you to use with ease and confidence. The Mishku team will also provide launch support if you have chosen to have your website created through us.


Step 1

Branding Services:

- Brand Identity Design
- Website Design
- Print & Digital Collateral
- Packaging Design
- Art Direction
- Brand Consultation

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Words from our clients

"When it came to our brand, it was like reinventing the wheel every time we needed to put something out. We didn't have any consistency or a clear idea of our visual identity, or values, for that matter. Enter Michelle — booking her full branding package was one of the best investments we made. She is so kind and thoughtful and took all the pieces of what we had done over the past couple of years and turned it into a beautiful and refined brand. I really believe that having that collateral has elevated our client experience and was a big part in increasing our revenue 30% last year. We can't thank her enough for her work and look forward to continuing to work with her as our business, and brand, evolve."

Natalie and Cliff Whearley

Realtor and Interior Designer

"I spent about a year looking for the right person to do my branding. I had my eye on one particular person for months when I happened upon Michelle on Instagram. I knew instantly that this was the person I needed to rebrand my business & booked her within a week. I loved her aesthetic, the simplistic beauty of her work, but most importantly I knew in my gut that she would be perfect.  I had no reservations whatsoever once I booked Michelle, it all felt perfectly right.
It was for this reason that I gave her free rein, I trusted her completely to create something that was me. The process was a joy. Michelle made it so incredibly easy & after the first round we had the basics down. And I ADORE my branding. I’ve never felt so comfortable since I started this little business & as everybody has said,  “it’s me”. Michelle captured me, my style , my flowers, everything, in my new branding. I couldn’t be happier & would recommend her in a heartbeat. Her professionalism, talents, patience & style are invaluable."


Wildwood Floral

"I honestly didn't understand that I should invest in branding for my business. Wow, was I wrong! And Michelle helped me figure out how I wanted to represent myself and my business out in the world. My experience in working with Mishku was great! Michelle is super organized and she presented a clear and elegant way in how to discover my brand - my favorite part was the initial phone call in figuring out my voice. I love my branding and how it's incorporated into my website! I'm super proud of it and love how it represents me and my business! So far, the biggest change is my confidence to move forward in my next steps of making my business a successful one!"


The Singing Lesson

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Craft an authentic brand that attracts your dream clients by using 3 of the world’s most inspiring design philosophies.

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Each project is unique, just like each of one of our clients. We create a custom proposal and quote after having a chat to you about your needs and goals in one of free consult sessions.

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Timelines vary with each project. Depending on what your project looks like, whether we are designing a website for you or your collateral needs, generally projects go from 8-15 weeks. We know that’s a pretty big window but we can give you a better idea once we chat about your project needs.

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Again, this varies project to project. Some clients book in with us to do a basic brand overhaul (strategy, logos, colors and fonts) while others get the works with all the collateral (business cards, packaging, PDF templates etc) and a custom website. We do not have set packages as we found these restricting for our clients and there’s no one size fits all to our approach.

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